This City in the U.S. Will Give You Money if You Migrate There

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In an effort to draw new talents in the tech sector, the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) has created a financial incentive program of $ 2,000 for moving incentive for qualified technology workers who want to move to the city of Savannah, Georgia.

According to regulations issued, workers may be “self-employed, remote workers of technology firms located elsewhere, or relocating to take a position with a technology company in the region.” This is beneficial, meaning that if you move to this city, you can still continue to work remotely with your current company while benefiting from the incentive payment.

Savannah is well known as one of the most historic and most beautiful cities in the U.S., beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, cuisine and scenery. The cost of living here is also relatively cheaper compared to other cities and states, and do not miss the attractive beach views.

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Before you can apply for an incentive fund, qualified candidates must have 3 years of work experience in technology, and must be willing to settle in Chatham County with one year lease rental, or buy property in the area and have lived there for one month to be able to apply for receipt of funds.

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This offer is to good to pass up, especially if your current tech work can be flexible, or maybe you are looking for work in the Savannah area.

Interesting Fact about Savannah

Savannah City is the most famous haunted city in the U.S. Imagine, every building in the city has many scary stories and there are many sightings in the streets!

Savannah is located in the eastern part of the United States, precisely in the state of Georgia. A name that is less familiar to tourists, because it is less popular than New York and Los Angeles. But for tourists who don’t have the guts, never set foot there.

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The Hamilton-Turner Inn (

It is said that the city of Savannah is the most haunted city in Uncle Sam’s land, due to many mystical stories and dark tales. In fact, there are many ghost tour packages that track the existence of supernatural beings.

Some of the haunted places include 17 Hundred 90 Inn, an old multi-story building that was converted into a restaurant and lodging. According to the story, in 1790 a woman named Anna lived there. This woman was found suicidal in her room because she was pregnant when she was only 17 years old. I don’t want to bear the shame, he ended her life and until now it is believed that her soul is still disturbing.

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From the outside, 17 Hundred 90 Inn looks so scary at night. According to the tourists, not a few heard a woman’s scream and figure as they surrounded the house. If you dare, stay in room 204. According to reports, that’s where Anna often appeared in the mirror!

Another place considered the most sinister in Savannah is Colonial Park Cemetery. A cemetery that has existed since 1750 and has 10,000 bodies buried, from war criminals, soldiers to the local community.

The buried bodies simply piled up and were not buried properly. Not surprisingly, the Colonial Park Cemetery is widely known by various paranormal sites around the world as a hunting ground for ghost sightings..

Besides that, several places that are believed to be haunted in Savannah, such as The Davenport House, 432 Abercorn Street, The Ol’ Pink House, Madison Square, famous for being a ghost warrior place, The Kehoe House, River Street, Andrew Low House, Factors Walk, Wright Plaza and many more.

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Imagine, these places are located not far away and most of them are in the city. No wonder, that’s why Savannah is known as a haunted city.

Savannah Haunting Ghost Tour set the price of USD 20 for a tour around Savannah city. Besides, there are still many ghost tour operators like Ghost City Tours, Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours, Ghost Talk Ghost Walk and Savannah Haunted History Ghost Tour.

The streets of Savannah city were quiet at 8pm local time. The streets are dark and no people pass by, which makes the mystical atmosphere more and more felt. Do you dare to set foot and hunt ghosts here?

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