Flight Attendant Salary Emirates, Delta, UK, Canada, Australia

flight attendant salary emirates

All you need to know about flight attendant or cabin crew salary  hourly, monthly or annually for different airline companies such as American airlines, Emirates, Delta, Etihad, Qatar Airways, etc. And also various country like UK, Canada, USA, Australia, India, Philipines.

Many people want to be a flight attendant, in addition to a sizable salary, a flight attendant also has the opportunity to explore various countries.

The salary of a flight attendant can be said to be quite large, especially if you are accepted to work in a major airline that is already well-known such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, American Airways, and others. This decent salary is certainly in accordance with the responsibilities and risks of being a flight attendant.

In this article, we will discuss how much the salary of a flight attendant (crew cabin) from various well-known airline companies and also the salary of a flight attendant from various countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, etc.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Salary

american airlines flight attendant cabin crew salary

Typically American Airlines flight attendants have hourly salaries of $ 10 and their salaries range from $ 12 to $ 72.

In the USA, the average salary of an American Airlines flight attendant is USD 41,881 per year. The salary may vary depending on the area of work. The salary estimate is based on 3,996 American Airlines flight attendant correspondents anonymously submitted to the Glassdoor website.

Emirates Flight Attendant Salary

emirates airlines cabin crew salary

According to The Emirates, the salary of flight attendants or crew cabins for economy class flights is 4,260 Dirham ($1160) per month. In addition, flight time is calculated at 58 dirhams ($ 16) per hour, according to them, the total salary earned by a flight attendant in economy class is 9,500 dirhams ($ 2,586) per month.

Emirates crew also gets free accommodation in Dubai, as well as accommodation and meals during stops between trips abroad. Other benefits include 30-day leave and free plane tickets that can be used to return home.

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Delta Flight Attendant Salary

flight attendant salary delta airlines 02

If calculated with bonuses and additional compensation, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant can get a salary of approximately $64,215 per year.

According to several flight attendant correspondents that the airline, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States gave their average hourly salary is $ 30.

Etihad Flight Attendant Salary

etihad airways flight attandent salary payment

Etihad is one of UAE (Uni Emirates Arab) owned airline located in Abu Dhabi. The basic salary of Etihad flight attendant who is still in training / probation period is 2,500 UAE Dirham. The training period lasts 6-7 weeks. The salary after the training period is 3,640 Dirhams ($991) and an hourly fee of 44 Dirhams ($11).

Qatar Airways Flight Attendant Salary

Qatar airways flight attendant cabin crew salary

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. The Qatari government-owned airline has won 2 awards in 2011 and 2011 in the categories: best business class, best business class lounge and best airline in the Middle East.

Qatar Airways offers a lucrative salary for the cabin crew who work with them. There are several parameters that determine the amount of a flight attendant’s salary on Qatar Airways. However, for a flight attendant to receive a salary of between 7,000 QAE – 12,000 QAR ($1,922 – $3,570) per month, this is tax-free and includes basic payments, flight hours and transit benefits. The salary will go up along with the experience of a flight attendant.

Flight Attendant Salary in United Kingdom (UK)

flight attendant cabin crew salary in UK 02

The United Kingdom (UK) has several airlines, including British Airways, easyJet Airline, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic. Of course, each company offers a different salary for the flight attendants. The Payscale website reports that easyJet Airline flight attendant salaries are the highest in the UK with an average salary of £ 20,000 ($ 24,842) per year, the next position is British Airways with salaries around £ 17,849 ($ 22,163) per year. While the lowest salary is paid by Ryanair with an annual salary of £ 12,638 ($ 15,692) then Virgin Atlantic Airways with an annual salary of £ 14,100 ($ 17,508)

Flight Attendant Salary in USA 

flight attendant cabin crew salary in USA
Flight attendant salary in USA (jetlinemarvel.net)

The average flight attendant salary in the United States is $2,585. This salary varies from one airline to another and also varies from one region to another. For example flight attendant salaries in the city of New York, NY amounted to $3,178 per month, while in the city of Miami, FL amounted to $2,676 per month. It was reported that the company that paid the highest for flight attendants was Ryanair, which is around $7,080 per month.

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Flight Attendant Salary in Canada

flight attendant cabin crew salary in Canada
Air Canada (airlineratings)

Canada, the average flight attendant salary in this neighboring United States country is $ 44,497 per month. This salary estimate is based on data sent by 28 correspondents working as flight attendants in Canada.

Flight attendant salary in several companies in Canada such as:

  • WestJet Airlines – $ 44,760 per year
  • Air Canada – $ 41,947 per year
  • Bédard Ressources – $ 41,840 per year

The salary of a flight attendant in every city in Canada is also different. For example in the city of Toronto, ON is $ 36,356 per year, while in Vancouver, BC is $ 13.74 per hour and $ 50,303 per year in Calgary, AB.

Flight Attendant Salary in Australia

flight attendant cabin crew salary in Australia - image of Qantas Airlines
Qantas Airways one of flight company in Australia (skytraxratings.com)

According to several correspondents who work as flight attendants in Australia revealed that the average salary of flight attendants in Australia is $ 60,844 per year.

The following is an example of an estimated flight attendant’s salary in Australia if you work for the following flight company

  • Qantas – $ 75,956 per year
  • Virgin Australia Airlines – $ 56,768 per year
  • Maurice Alexander Management – $ 2,663 per month

Flight Attendant Salary in India

flight attendant cabin crew salary in India - image of Air India
Air India (financialexpress.com)

If you want to apply to be a crew cabin in India and want to find out how much a flight attendant’s salary is for each company, here is the information:

  • Air India: Rs.40,000 ($ 528) per month
  • Jet Airways: Rs.35,000 ($ 462) per month
  • Vistara: Rs.35,000 ($ 462) per month
  • IndiGo: Rs.31,500 ($ 409) per month
  • SpiceJet: Rs.30,000 ($ 396) per month
  • GoAir: Rs.29,000 ($ 383) per month
  • AirAsia India: Rs.28,000 ($ 370) per month

The average salary of flight attendants in India is Rs. 26,132 ($345) per month, this data is based on the participation of 1264 correspondents working as flight attendants in India.

Flight Attendant Salary in Philippines

flight attendant cabin crew salary in philipines - image of Philipine Airlines and Japan Airlines
Philipine Airlines (straitstimes.com)

According to the Bereau of Local Employment in the Philippines that entry-level flight attendant salaries range from P18,000 ($360) to P26,000 ($520) per month. While the salary of flight attendants who have been trained and experienced can reach P36,000 ($720) to P54,000 ($1080) per month.

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This is a flight attendant’s salary for a local company. The flight attendants of Philippine citizens who work abroad such as America and Canada are $ 43,350 or $ 3,612 per month.

Meanwhile, the salary for flight attendants Philippine Airlines is $ 25,000 annually, or $ 12 per hour.

How To Become a Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant

Every country and company there are certainly different detailed requirements for becoming a flight attendant. But in general to become a flight attendant you need a diploma and experience in customer service. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a passport, pass a test, and so on.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of being a Flight Attendant

There are many advantages to being a flight attendant, including having the opportunity to fly to various cities in the world and get free travel tickets with the affiliated aircraft of the company you work for. You may also get a discount if you fly with another airline because you are an airline employee.

In addition to a sizable salary, you may also get free transportation, accommodation and meals during work and transit abroad, the amount of course depends on each company.

In addition to advantages, of course, every job has its disadvantages. Among the disadvantages of being flight attendants, such as uncertain flight schedules for inevitable reasons. Must be willing to be away from family for days and sometimes months. Facing passengers is also a challenge, because some passengers think that they can ask the crew cabin to do anything for them. Though the main task of flight attendants is for safety.

Video Explains Details about Flight Attendant Salary

Check out this video will give you an idea about how much a typical Flight Attendant earn every month. This video also illustrates how reality actually works as a flight attendant, so those of you who want to work as cabin crew can look wisely and decide for yourself whether you are suitable for this work or not.

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