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In this article, we will discuss about the best hosting  at the moment, as reported by

the best web hosting

Types of web hosting and designation

Before starting to make a list of the best overseas hosting, let’s take a moment to recognize in advance the various types of hosting that are currently available in the market.

Remember: “Different hosting, of course the performance is different, the price is different, the designation is also different”.
Here are some types of hosting that you must know:

SHARED – This is the easiest and cheapest type of hosting available.

Most of my website is under SHARED hosting for this reason. The consideration for using Shared Hosting is because most of my websites monetized with overseas affiliates and CPA offers have not too large traffic. Only in the range of hundreds to 1-2 thousands of UV per day, but the number is quite a lot, more than 100 websites.

For this reason, I need a lot of nameservers to eliminate footprints to make it safe for SEO. So Shared hosting is the best choice because the price is cheap. One regular SHARED hosting plan I use to accommodate 3 to 4 websites.

Shared hosting is the best answer if you have a website with less than 3000 UV traffic per day. Origin is good at choosing good quality services, guaranteed to be more than enough.

VPS Previously, I wrote 5 Reasons to Use VPS Hosting for a website. Please read first if you haven’t already.

Well, VPS is the best choice when it’s time you have to move up the class with 2 demands: first, more traffic and second, want to improve the performance of the website so that it is faster so that it makes visitors more comfortable.

VPS hosting on paper is definitely superior to SHARED hosting.

However, VPS is not only more expensive, how to use it is also more difficult. More knowledge is needed to setup a server before you can use VPS properly. But if it is only used for WordPress-based web, then actually VPS can be setup relatively easily with the help of third-party applications such as runcloud or serverpilot.

I personally also use VPS hosting for a number of my other twelve websites. The majority are those who have a lot of traffic so they have to move up the class from SHARED hosting.

Later, I also tend to prefer VPS for new websites that I have for reasons of better performance and speed. My personal experience shows that there are significant benefits for the new websites that I manage to rank in search engines when hosted on VPS compared to Shared, although this still has to be validated further.

MANAGED VPS – I’m a bit stupid in server matters. So I decided to use Managed VPS for some of my non-wordpress web sites (as well as some of my wordpress ones) that needed great abilities.

Managed VPS means a VPS hosting service that is fully managed by the hosting service provider. Whatever we want on the website and any complaints that can be helped by the hosting. One of the websites under the Managed VPS service is which has tens of thousands of UV per day.

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Managed VPS has a pretty high price tag. But if you need super good hosting and have enough budget, then Managed VPS is the best choice you can buy.

DEDICATED – Until now, I haven’t needed and used a dedicated hosting service so I can’t give recommendations. One thing is for sure, the price of a dedicated server is really great to use with capabilities that are also very powerful to use. Of course, if I use it in the future, I will share the experience with you.

Good Web Hosting Terms

Web hosting is a service that is needed primarily in the online world. There is a very high demand for him. So do not be surprised if the services available are also spilling up (read: very much). This means accuracy and consideration are needed before choosing which is good and suitable for us.

Here are 4 good Web Hosting requirements in my opinion:


Before the era of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage became the standard in the world of hosting (especially for SHARED hosting), I always choose services that have limits. It’s better to have clear bandwidth and storage limits than unlimited ones because it’s definitely squid. Just a dream. Just think for yourself how it deals with unlimited services unless it’s just a mere marketing gimmick.

Unfortunately, fierce competition in the gaming world has made some of the services that used to provide limits go along with unlimited. After all, buyers are more pleased with the lure than it makes sense.

Fortunately, we can still distinguish services that make sense and those that don’t by looking at the storage provided. Put all your hosting on unlimited bandwidth. Then choose a service that limits the amount of storage capacity.

The first requirement is a good web hosting service that is not UNLIMITED STORAGE and UNLIMITED BANDWITH.


Money back guarantees are not difficult to find for technology-based services abroad. In fact, almost all the best services have a money back guarantee within a certain time for dissatisfied customers, including web hosting services.

And most of this is not real alias Gimmick. Of course as long as the buyer complies with the rules of the game and follows the mechanism provided. If asked to open a ticket when asking for money back, yes, open the ticket, don’t just complain on social media, accuse of cheating or not clear.

The longer the duration of the warranty provided, the more confidence the hosting provider has for its service, the better it is for us to choose.

The second requirement is a good web hosting service that has MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The longer the duration the better.


The more server location options provided by a hosting service, the better it is to choose.

A web hosting that has many servers indicates not only that he is serious about his business but also provides flexibility for buyers. If your traffic is majority Indonesian, choose a server close to Singapore or Hong Kong. If the traffic is from abroad, choose a server in the USA or EUROPE, whichever is closer.

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The third requirement is a good web hosting service that has many server location options.

List of the best hosting 

OK. Until here, hopefully you already understand what you need to know before choosing and buying a suitable hosting service.

Next, just list the best hosting  that I use myself. One for each type of hosting so as not to make even confused.

SHARED – Hawkhost

I am a bit anxious to recommend Hawkhost given how cheap the price they are giving. But because I have almost 10 plans there for almost 6 years with no significant problems, then Hawkhost is my choice as the best for shared hosting.

hawkhost the web hosting
Hawkhost the web hosting

There have been lots of shared hosting that I tried, even some of the others I still use today, but Hakwhost still has its own advantages.

Here are some notes about Hawkhost that you should know about:

– SSD and Cloudflare optimization make the speed fairly good.
– Limitations on sending emails to up to 500 e-mails per hour. This is the biggest for shared hosting classes.
– 30 days money back guarantee.
– Many server choices, namely in: Singapore, Amsterdam, Dallas, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, Washington.
– It has been established since 2004.
– Fast support services.
– The cheapest and most competitive price in its class.
Please visit Hawkhost here> Check HH prices.


My recommendation for the best hosting  service type VPS falls on VULTR.

Although still less popular than DO (digital ocean), but I prefer VULTR both in terms of service, performance and interface that makes me seem much friendlier. In addition, at VULTR there is also a $ 2.5 per month plan that can be used for a variety of test or starting needs.

vultr best web hosting
Vultr best web hosting

Here are some notes regarding VULTR that you should know about:

– The most complete and competitive VPS service in its class. It’s definitely tight.
– Registration is very easy.
– Fast respond support.
– I use VULTR with the Plesk panel.
– There is a $ 50 voucher to try out the service.

Managed VPS – Knownhost

If you need service that is fierce and well-managed, you can use Managed VPS. My recommendation is: KnownHost.

best web hosting knownhost
best web hosting Knownhost

Although the subscription price is quite expensive, I never thought to look away considering the performance and ease that this hosting can provide.

Here are some notes regarding Knownhost that you should know about:

– I use SSD-4 service at a cost of around $ 70 per month (old price).
– There are 5 applications and 3 blogs that are under the hosting service.
– I use cPanel because it is the easiest panel for me.
– Support ticket is always answered less than 2 minutes all the time.
– It’s definitely tight.
– This web, uses Knownhost.


Web hosting is very important for a website. It is a home as well as a show for visitors who immediately feel its performance. So don’t choose the wrong hosting. I’ve provided a list of the best hosting  that hopefully can be a useful reference and reference.

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