7 Things Flight Attendants Pay Attention to When Passengers Get on the Plane

pilot greeting

When boarding the plane, the flight attendants were ready to greet their passengers at the door of the plane with greetings and smiles.

But, did you know that when flight attendants greet passengers at the door of the plane, there are other things that are noticed by them about the passengers?

These are the 7 things that flight attendants pay attention to when greeting passengers at the door of an airplane

1. Nervousness of Passengers

If a flight attendant finds something wrong with a passenger at the aircraft cabin entrance, such as nervousness, the flight attendant will be watching you and paying extra attention to you. They will make various efforts to make the passengers comfortable on the plane.

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2. Reading books

flight attendant notice passenger reading book

Flight attendants will usually pay attention to what books the passenger is reading to identify the expertise or occupation of the passenger.

They do this to find out passengers who can help them in an emergency situation. For example the need for medical personnel, the simplest way to recognize them is to see what books they read, such as medical magazines or journals. Thus the pilot doesn’t need to announce this through a loudspeaker that may causes passenger panic.

3. Age of passengers

Flight attendants also pay attention to the age group of passengers. Elders and children are usually given more attention to ensure their comfort and safety, because children and elders are vulnerable to illness and need extra attention.

4. Passenger Clothing

Flight attendants also pay attention to passenger clothing. This doesn’t mean that they care about the fashion tastes of passengers, but they want to ensure that the clothes worn by passengers do not become a barrier when an emergency situation occurs. For example, some airlines have regulations for wearing high heels.

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5. Drunk Passenger

It is important to know that drinking is prohibited on airplanes because it can endanger flight safety. Therefore flight attendants will identify if there are passengers who are drunk

6. The Physical Appearance 

physical appearance of passenger

Physical appearance is often a sign of a person’s condition. Therefore, flight attendants pay attention to the physical appearance of the passenger to see the physical characteristics of the passenger. For example, pregnant women, people with disabilities and injuries will be given priority seats in the front cabin to make it easier if at anytime they need immediate help.

7. Passenger’s Greeting

When welcoming passengers at the door of the plane, the flight attendants will see how passengers respond when greeted. When a passenger lacks response, such as not making eye contact, this is an indication that something might be wrong with the passenger. Maybe they are having personal, work or fear of flying problem. It is the duty of flight attendants to provide comfort to all passengers.

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