7 Advantages of Emirates Flight Attendant and Salary

emirates flight attendant salary and benefits

Emirates is one of the best airlines in the world. Many people want to work in this company as pilot, co-pilot, cabin crew or flight attendants. Well, in this article we will discuss how much is the salary of a cabin crew at Emirates Airline and what are the benefits of working in Emirates.

Emirates Flight Attendant (Cabin Crew) Salary and Advantages

  • Salary

Here is starting salary and flying pay for Emirates flight attendant:

emirates flight attendant starting salary and flying pay

  • Layover Expenses

Meal allowances are granted in the currency of the country of the night stop. Hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport will be provided by the Emirates company.

  • Concessional Travel

Staff travel benefits on Emirates Airline can be availed as per the Staff Travel Manual. Staff travel benefits on other airlines can be availed as per inter-airline agreements/policies.

  • Accommodation adn Transportation

Furnished accommodation is provided free of charge, including utilities -water, electricity. TV, Internet and telephone bills are not included.

There are more than 50 buildings in various locations throughout Dubai that you can be placed in. Two/three colleagues (same gender) share a two/three bedroom apartment and each have their own bedroom but share the kitchen and the living area.

Two people may have to share a second bathroom in some three-bedroom apartments.

Once probationary period is complete you may request to move to another apartment pending availability. Due to varying rosters of occupants and to ensure security, there are no visitors allowed past 01:00 unless they are Emirates (EK) crew.

You may have two family members visit at the same time and stay in your accommodation twice a year for a maximum of 30 days each visit.

Transportation is provided by the company to/from work and to/from Training College.

  • Free Uniform and daycleaning

Provided by the company free of charge, incl. dry-cleaning in designated outlets in Dubai.

  • Leave & Leave Travel

30 calendar days leave per year. One firm free annual leave ticket is provided to your country of origin. The ticket can be changed to any EK destination after 3 years of service.

Above is some information about salary and benefits of working as a crew cabin at Emirates. What do you think, are you interested in working as an Emirates flight attendant?

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